Broken TV

A project inspired an assignment for Photo 56, These are part of a slideshow set to the song Technologic by Daft Punk.

Late Night Shopping

When you love to shoot at night, these are the places that are open. Storefronts, especially ones with neon are some of my favorite subjets. The clientele are interesting as well.

Pretty Ugly

Working on finding pretty things in otherwise ugly scenes. As it turns out ugly is usually more interesting than pretty.

Fog and the end of the world

There was so much fog, I had to go shoot. You can see condensation on my lens if you look close

Tokyo Neighborhoods

A small sample of my favorite Tokyo shots. More night storefronts.

The Live Cube

My graduate thesis in Multimedia Art. A year long journey to create an immersive, interactive, storytelling tiny house.

Middlefork Salmon River

From a rafting trip to the middle fork of the salmon river in Idaho. Medium format film trip!